A therapy session offers you a way of receiving individual and focused treatment to enhance healing for a particular condition or to maintain general well-being within a holistic context.

Therapies offered by qualified and experienced associates include:

therapyyogaTherapeutic Yoga

Personal yoga sessions tailored for specific need and guidance.

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healingrekiEnergy Healing

Reiki (Hands on) and Pranic Healing (Hands Off) energy healing sessions

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To release body stresses and tensions with Thai Yoga, On-Site (Chair) or Holistic massage.”

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Class Timetable


Thanks for the wonderful breathing workshop!

Thanks for the wonderful breathing workshop! …It was so nice to have lots of sharing which I usually feel really need it. … One thing i feel that I’d have liked to experience a bit longer for each breathing, a bit too first for me. I understand that you’d have given lot which were lovely. I really enjoyed it. Thanks for your lovely smile!


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