Summer 2021 Term – Yoga Classes *** Online ***

With the change in seasons, it feels like to we can breathe freely once more. We are moving into this transition phase to find a happy medium between the virtual and live participation in life’s activities. However with a gradual return to normalcy, for Summer 2021 term, I would like to continue with Virtual yoga classes . I hope you all can find time and create space to connect with yoga and be guided through these “new-normal” times.

We are offering a full term of Online classes starting from 14 April till 19 July, 2021. Please link to Summer Term schedule. If you are new to these classes, then please enquire to trial a class.

Over the last few months, there has been a very positive response to the online classes offered during the 2nd lockdown. I share some testimonials:

“ I want to thank you for keeping me motivated during the pandemic. Honestly, your classes have been a life saver and provided the one certainty in my week. Having that stability in my routine has been hugely important for my mental health. 

“ Really value the me time and all that is shared during these classes and have helped to keep me stable and grounded before and during the lockdown period and would welcome summer and classes beyond that in whatever format you are able to use live or online.

“ I absolutely enjoyed yoga classes with you last term. You have a wonderful way of connecting with your students and gently guiding and encouraging them through practice. 

“ I want to thank you for my zoom classes with you. They have been fundamental to my mental health during the last 8 months. I have found your teaching warm, peaceful and challenging. I feel stronger physically and therefore work is more manageable.

“ In your class I feel that we are learning and gaining knowledge. 

“ Thank you for your consistent and impactful leadership.



Thanks for all the help during pregnancy. The breathing really helped me keep calm and centred. Baby ended coming by c-section as she was in a frank breech position but, we are both doing well

Priya Shah 2014

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