Spring 2022 Term – Yoga Classes *** Live & Online ***

Namaste. With the change in seasons, Autumn brings closure to the year just gone and Winter offers a chance to be in a reflective space, yearning for better coming times. Spring 2022 term will offer a balance between Live and Online classes to suit everyone’s need. I hope you all can find time and create space to connect with yoga and be guided through these “new-normal” times.

I am offering a full term of Live and Online classes starting from 5 January till 1 April,  2022. Please link to Spring 2022 Term schedule. If you are new to these classes, then please enquire to trial a class.

Over the last few months, there has been a very positive response to the online classes offered during the 2nd lockdown. I share some testimonials:

Thank you for the beautiful, wholesome classes.

I’ve really enjoyed the classes with you as we explore the space on the mat, it feels more like coming home and my mat has never seen so much action! 

“ Thank you for a wonderful enlightening term I loved the class and found it to be very profound at times. I love the way that you give us your wisdoms at the start of the class.

“ I absolutely enjoyed yoga classes with you last term. You have a wonderful way of connecting with your students and gently guiding and encouraging them through practice. 

“ I want to thank you for my zoom classes with you. They have been fundamental to my mental health during the last 8 months. I have found your teaching warm, peaceful and challenging. I feel stronger physically and therefore work is more manageable.

“ In your class I feel that we are learning and gaining knowledge. 

“ Thank you for your consistent and impactful leadership.



Thank you for your insightful workshop yesterday. I am on the journey again to explore this wonderful way called yoga. Thank you for your time and effort to put together this workshop.


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