A warm invitation: to participate and support 108 Sun Salutations charity event. We assure you of an enlightening day of being internally connected and supported with live ambient music.

A brief glimpse of 2016 108 Sun Salutations event video … with regret it was a wet day and had to move indoors.

It’s that time of year again and One Shakti will be hosting their 9th annual 108 Sun Salutations charity event.  This year we’re calling on your support for Shishukunj Education Programme for the under privileged , initiative of Shishukunj London (Reg’d Charity No. 284206).

To register your interest, link to the Registration FormPlease look to raise funds for the cause which will make your 108 sun Salutations challenge even more special. 

If you wish to donate online via the ‘Give Now’ button, please link to our event Virgin Money Giving Page  or  make an offline donation and gift aid using a donation form for Shishukunj International Projects (provided on request).

For enquiry, please E: info@oneshakti.co.uk or  call Manish on 07854 141 216


I had done yoga intermittently during these times, mainly for helping with a healthy pregnancy, but then lost the habit for a while. When I found out I was pregnant again, I sought out Ananti’s class and connected with the yoga at a different level. I soon found myself practising every day and feeling energised beyond belief, even though my body was going through many challenges. On a deeper level the classes help me reconnect to my spirituality, and embrace my female role.

Ananti’s homeopathy supported this whole experience. She spent a lot of time with me understanding my background and diagnosing my issue (at the time my baby was breech). Her thorough diagnoses brought my story to the forefront, and treatment with remedies that helped me to let go and surrender, amongst other things.

All I can say is that it worked. I have since decided to sell my current business to focus on my children, and the remedies and yoga continue to help me. The resistance to letting go transpired in my body with breastfeeding problems along with the original issue of  having the baby in the wrong position. As homeopathy deals with physical problems by addressing the emotional as linked to the physical, the remedies were perfect and again helped me through this time.

I now feel equipped to deal with my new role in life in a positive way, with emotional feminine strength and ready to let go old patterns of being. I cannot thank Ananti enough for helping this transition take place and highly recommend her services for anyone who wants to take their heath & wellbeing into their own hands.


Rita Hemraj 2013

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