Emergency Lockdown Food Relief (ELFR)


Let’s all reach out for those who are in need and vulnerable, and give them hope to live on.

One Shakti members Laxmi and Manish are personally involved in this Emergency Lockdown Food Relief support initiated by Shishukunj (reg’d charity 284206) sub committee Shishukunj International Projects. Please join us and support.

As the lockdown restrictions continue all over the world, the need for food relief is now greater than ever in some of the poorest communities in India, Kenya and Uganda.

With your Support
We can provide emergency food relief in the poorest communities in India, Kenya, and Uganda.

We now need your support to raise £20,000 so that we can provide 160,000 much needed meals to the most vulnerable families who are now at real risk of hunger and starvation.

The areas identified for this support are the families of daily or very low wage earners, street children, migrant workers, people living in slums, orphanages and vulnerable school children and their families.

What will your support provide?
With your kind donations we can provide the following meal kits to help families get through this period.

In India, £22 will feed a family of 4 for a month with a meal kit consisting of wheat/millet, rice and dals with some sugar, tea, oil, spices, and soap.
The areas of need: Jamnagar, Karjali-Rajasthan, Bhuj, Dharampur, Bagvadar, Ansodar, Bangalore, Nilpar and Pune.

In Kenya & Uganda £34 will feed a family of 4 for a month, with a meal kit consisting of maize (ugali) flour, rice, beans or vegetables, sugar, and cooking oil.
The areas of need: Limuru, Kenya and Jinja, Uganda.

How we deliver this relief? 

Through our existing networks and volunteers on the ground, we are working through the areas to identify the families most in need and deliver the aid in a safe and socially distanced way. We have already started distribution of food and other essential items from the funds raised – buying from local businesses helping them too; volunteers sorting, packaging and distributing; rural communities being served.

Please view the uploaded short video, that highlights the help we have already provided and how we hope to continue our support 

Please contribute and share this message. Please click on this link to donate now: Shishukunj ELFR

For less than the cost of an average UK family takeaway, you can help provide food for a family in one of these communities for a whole month. Please contribute what you can, please share this message.

Baal Devo Bhava – Let Every Bud bloom

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