When Things Fall Apart

by Maria Popova, syndicated from brainpickings.org, Mar 13, 2018 

” Some of us think holding on makes us strong, but sometimes it is letting go”
                                                                                                                                             Herman Hesse

Just when we think we’ve escaped and found firm ground to stand on in a painful moment, Pema Chodron suggests that we let go into the difficulty of our situation and rest there with an open mind instead. In her book “When Things Fall Apart”, Pema Chodron gently guides us through the dark places in our lives and shows us that we are strong enough to live fully in those moments. Rather than running in search of solutions that will make our pain go away, in her book she offers insights to show us that when we befriend ourselves and offer compassion, we will discover an inner awareness that brings freedom, and even relief from suffering. Read more…

Editor Note: This article was shared on the DailyGood – News that Inspires. These sharing I resonate with and feel inspired by to breathe again.


The session was amazing! I felt as though the chanting in the background took me to a different level. Definitely felt as though I could go a bit further with my stretching and really was able to be more inwardly aware…


Read more…

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