Manish – Yoga

  • The session was amazing! I felt as though the chanting in the background took me to a different level. Definitely felt as though I could go a bit further with my stretching and really was able to be more inwardly aware… (DP)
  • ‘I have really enjoyed the yoga practice this term, thank you! You have brought in new techniques re the breathing and more recently the awareness of the core muscles and how to engage them in the practice for deeper work and better alignment.’ (SS)
  • ‘I just wanted to say that last night’s session was amazing on all levels, I walked in all tensed up and walked out calm and relaxed physically, mentally and emotionally. I have had a really difficult week in terms of stress (the house buying has just turned into a nightmare) … I also liked the quiet time at the end with the chanting, it took me to a very new space.’  (SD)
  • ‘Thank you for a great term and your excellent teachings, we certainly feel great benefit attending the yoga and feel that we have progressed to another level. Each term, there has been some form of variation on the postures and this also has allowed us to really get to know the postures very well ,enabling us to perhaps go to another level.’  (DS)
  • ‘Wow! I had the best sleep ever – very peaceful. I feel tired but a different tired. No severe aches or pains. Really enjoyed the session. ‘  (BS)
  • ‘I have really enjoyed your classes, at times I feel like you are giving 1-2-1 classes due to your interest in assisting people in going that 1 step forward, which I have found to be beneficial to me.  I like the way your terminology used doesn’t make me feel that I should be able to do every posture which we cover in classes.  I think the pace of the class is very good, you don’t rush things and you allow people to try things in their own time.’  (AS)

Manish – Yoga Pranayama & Meditation

  • I would like to thank you for a beautiful mediation session in yoga yesterday. It was very relaxing and brought great calmness in mind, body and hopefully to spirit. I really appreciate your unique way to bring the class forward at a spiritual level. Also, I enjoy the random Om chanting it takes my spirit to the Buddhist temples and on return there is silence and peace within. Once again ..thank you and hoping the next full moon we can do this again. (DS)
  • ‘You are a brilliant teacher and we are blessed that you are able to share all your knowledge with us’  (DP)

Manish – Therapy Work

  • ‘Thank you for your inspiration, and faith in myself and humanity, and your non-judgmental approach to my questions and answers, you always seem to put me back on track!! ‘  (MP)
  • ‘I am extremely grateful and thankful to you for connecting me to life again through your teachings of yoga… I feel truly blessed to be connected to one whom I regard as a healer and a spiritual guide.’  (PS)
  • ‘Thank you for the fantastic healing and counselling session. It was amazing and I’ve never felt such energy around or within myself as I did in the session. I could feel my brow chakra throbbing for the next 24 hrs and my mind felt very calm and composed. Thanks again.’ (PS)
  • ‘My healing session with you had definite benefits – I felt very positive and calm most of the time, and the hurdles I was imagining weren’t nearly as big as I anticipated. Thank you for your kind words, and for all that you have done to assist me on this journey. It has been invaluable to me.’  (JD)

Manish – Workshop/Retreats

  • ‘I just wanted to express my sincere thanks for the workshop on Saturday. I wasn’t really sure what to expect of the day as i haven’t done anything like this before but it proved to be a wonderful and insightful experience. The space was lovely, and the way you explain things makes everything really fascinating and engaging to listen to. Even though I was familiar with some of it through your yoga classes, I felt I came away at the end of the day with a much deeper  understanding and have definitely been more aware of and mindful of my breathing . The exercises were really helpful and the relaxations were amazing..  What a difference it makes when you get your breathing right! I am still feeling in a very calm state of mind… Hope it lasts as I am not a naturally calm person!’  (DP)
  • ‘Thanks for the wonderful breathing workshop! …It was so nice to have lots of sharing which I usually feel really need it. … One thing i feel that I’d have liked to experience a bit longer for each breathing, a bit too first for me. I understand that you’d have given lot which were lovely. I really enjoyed it. Thanks for your lovely smile!’  (CN)
  • ‘Thank you for the great way you connected today the physical with the spiritual breathing. Thank you for helping us to feel lighter today and hope that we all engage with your good guidance both in a physical and spiritual level.’ (MP)
  • ‘Thank you for your insightful workshop yesterday.  I am on the journey again to explore this wonderful way called yoga. Thank you for your time and effort to put together this workshop.’ (JK)
  • ‘Just wanted to let you know that the yoga retreat was absolutely amazing for me and it really made me aware about many things especially to do with my situation at present. I took on board many things we discussed especially ACCEPTANCE and how to move forward and focus on the future.’ (PM)
  • ‘It was truly inspiring day, breathing became ever so refreshing and we even had a glorious weather too. I appreciated the way you explained the role of breathing with mind and body connection, complicated things made plain. Thank you for a perfect day. ‘  (MO’H)
  • ‘What a wonderful time we had on our retreat, I would like to thank you for your guidance, care, love, and healing that you gave to everyone of us when we were away. Since we have been back, we have had a wonderful feeling of peacefulness and the feeling that we could cope with anything that life will through at us.  This is the legacy of the retreat. ..’ (KW & JW)

Testimonials Ananti – Yoga and Homeopathy

  • I had done yoga intermittently during these times, mainly for helping with a healthy pregnancy, but then lost the habit for a while. When I found out I was pregnant again, I sought out Ananti’s class and connected with the yoga at a different level. I soon found myself practising every day and feeling energised beyond belief, even though my body was going through many challenges. On a deeper level the classes help me reconnect to my spirituality, and embrace my female role.
  • Ananti’s homeopathy supported this whole experience. She spent a lot of time with me understanding my background and diagnosing my issue (at the time my baby was breech). Her thorough diagnoses brought my story to the forefront, and treatment with remedies that helped me to let go and surrender, amongst other things.
  • All I can say is that it worked. I have since decided to sell my current business to focus on my children, and the remedies and yoga continue to help me. The resistance to letting go transpired in my body with breastfeeding problems along with the original issue of  having the baby in the wrong position. As homeopathy deals with physical problems by addressing the emotional as linked to the physical, the remedies were perfect and again helped me through this time.
  • I now feel equipped to deal with my new role in life in a positive way, with emotional feminine strength and ready to let go old patterns of being. I cannot thank Ananti enough for helping this transition take place and highly recommend her services for anyone who wants to take their heath & wellbeing into their own hands. (Rita Hemraj 2013)

Ananti – Homeopathy

  • I am a proud mother of 2 girls & would like to say that I have always adopted the homeopathy route in my children’s life from pregnancy to birth & on. I have now made it the way forward for the whole family I think it is fantastic. It is easy to follow, it has no side effects or a scare for addiction it is simple & easy to administer even for the new born’s. It is especially great in the early days when you are unable to give children any medicine & they come down with a cold. It not only works for the children but works well for the adults too, it actually helps with building up the immune system & keeps the body away from the cheaply made drugs which in turn gives other side effects.
  • For me & my family it has been a great pleasure seeing Ananti she has been a great help & has supported me in every way I’d like to take this opportunity to say thank you very much & keep up the good work your doing. (Nimi Shah)

Ananti – Yoga General

  • Ananti’s yoga is the real thing. Drawing on authentic Indian tradition. Ananti creates thoughtful and satisfying yoga journeys which support the development and integrity of each individual. Ananti inspires trust – hse is alos knowledgeable and intuitive and this brings a great sense of safety and well-being to her classes. I have done many yoga classes and had many good teachers but Ananti stands out in terms of quality, understanding and depth (Oona Nov 2013)
  • Ananti, I just want to express my heartfelt gratitude for your kindness and caring that you bring to your classes. I have and am learning much from this time I spend each week you hold the space and I am having a huge awakening at this time. (JK 2013)

Ananti – Yoga for pregnancy

  • I had done yoga intermittently during these times, mainly for helping with a healthy pregnancy, but then lost the habit for a while. When I found out I was pregnant again, I sought out Ananti’s class and connected with the yoga at a different level. I soon found myself practising every day and feeling energised beyond belief, even though my body was going through many challenges. On a deeper level the classes help me reconnect to my spirituality, and embrace my female role. (Rita Hemraj 2013)
  • I started pregnancy yoga as soon as I found out I was pregnant and I am very glad I did.  The techniques and lessons learnt during the classes were invaluable when it came to the birth itself.  I was lucky enough to have a drug free birth.  The classes armed me with the tools I needed to get me through, from how to breath in the right way to shifting my mindset to help me to cope with the extreme feelings and sensations.  The classes themselves were enjoyable and were a nice way to meet other local mums to be. I would not hesitate in recommending Pregnancy Yoga with Ananti. (Anusha Pari 2014)
  • I had a baby girl, very quick labour and breathing techniques helped a lot and so I didn’t need any other pain relief. Thank you very much Ananti (Nina Shah, May 9th 2014)
  • Labour was a long 12 hours and was very tough! However, I managed with no pain relief but, used just breathing, hip rotations and homeopathic remedies! (Palvi Shah 2014)
  • I have really enjoyed the pregnancy yoga classes and feel so much better in this pregnancy at age 40! Thank you Ananti, the breathing is coming naturally already, used it for induction (Nisha Gorasia 2014)
  • Thanks for all the help during pregnancy. The breathing really helped me keep calm and centred. Baby ended coming by c-section as she was in a frank breech position but, we are both doing well. (Priya Shah 2014)

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