One Shakti Team


Manish is a Founder member of the One Shakti group, a senior practitioner of Yoga since 1992 and a complementary therapist in Energy Healing and Massage.



Laxmi is a yoga instructor specialising in group sessions. Being active and energetic is what she is passionate about and helping others to explore ways of living a fulfilled life.



Geeta is a senior yoga instructor and has been teaching since 1990. Her yoga practice focuses on rhythm and flow through which pain and tension is released at the deepest level to create freedom within.



Ananti has been practicing yoga for over 20 years. She specialises in Yoga for pregnancy and the post-natal. She is also a homeopath and pharmacist.


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Manish your teaching style and direction have always been a  great inspiration. I particularly liked the way you explained Prana,  the connection with the breath and its effects on the body. How individuals are able to use their breath to create the right balance of energy for a practice or to adapt with the external.

Whether on the mat or off the mat, the practice has given me insight and thought. You have a very nurturing style of yoga.

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