Stillness in Action – Yoga Retreat May 2018      

Post Retreat feedback:

PP: I have been practicing yoga with Manish for a few years now and felt the “Stillness in Action” retreat was very beneficial to me.  As it was my first retreat with Manish, I was not sure what to expect but thought it may be 4 days of yoga and meditation sessions along with some nature walks.  This in itself sounded lovely but for me personally it turned out to be much more than that.  I really enjoyed the variety of sessions from yoga, pilates, pranayama, meditation, relaxation and last but not least the laughing yoga.  The presentations, discussions, journaling (with a view to “surrender” it) and the “who am I?” mirror exercise were also thought provoking and took me on an inward journey.  Whilst I am aware that acceptance of circumstances in your life is key to internal stillness and moving forwards, I came away with some invaluable tools for doing this.  Thank you.

Fully booked retreat – 5 days of warm sunny weather in beautiful English countryside.

Five days yoga retreat organised in a unique style where yoga on the mat integrates readily with yoga off the mat. You will have a chance to explore and extend your personal yoga practices and interact with fellows to witness presence of Action and Stillness as One. Come and join us for this special retreat… Please link to Stillness in Action for retreat details and registration form.

Enrol and confirm your place with the registration form and deposit payment. Previous retreats have been fully booked up, so consider your position at the earliest.

Your best guide to know if this retreat is for you is to talk to anyone who has attended our previous retreat(s) or just enquire with Manish.


Manish – I am so glad I started yoga again after so many years gap and have really enjoyed the classes with you.The yoga practice has really helped not only physically but mentally as well. The way you start the sessions with brief talks about connecting with one self and importance of awareness of the postures and practice is much deeper than what I remember from before. I feel I am connecting with the practice at a much deeper level and also continuing my practices at home a lot more than before. (NS – 2017)

Nimi Shah

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