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From a very young age I admired yoga teachers on television. They looked so confident, skilled and posed. I never dreamt that one day I would be one.

At the age of 35 I started my first yoga class, unknowing how much it would add to my path and define me. A year and half year later I qualified as a yoga teacher from Vivekananda Yoga Research Institute in Bangalore, India in 1998. I was compelled to put into practice what I had learned and to keep learning.

It is said ‘fear holds you back’. Fear had, had a firm hold on me. Through the teaching of yoga, I learned to let ‘fear’ go and began to pursue my dreams.  I have since, run marathons, trekked mountains, learned cycling at the age of 40 and cycled long distances for charity events around the world. The world opened out for me, and with that the love of people and nature. I am passionate about healthy eating, healthy living and being kind to our Environment.

I initiated and coordinate Sakhee Sewa to go to remote areas in India to teach underprivileged children and women health, hygiene and empowerment every two years. On March 15, 2015 was our 3rd trip.

Many of my yoga students have joined me on my journey off the mat and I feel privileged to witness and be part of their journey too.

Yoga is more than what we do on a mat. It is a way of life that is natural and happy for you and those around you.

Yoga has helped me to be a more confident, positive, effective, and disciplined person.

My sessions are fun, interactive and varied, putting into practices what I have learned through my exposure to yoga. I share my knowledge and my experience of how to be a more confident, positive, effective, and a balanced person.

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brilliant teacher

You are a brilliant teacher and we are blessed that you are able to share all your knowledge with us


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